“Cause I’m walking in new shoes now
I got a new song to sing
When I walk in the room every head turns
Every eye is on me”

Sometimes, it’s the littlest things that make me miss my mother. I bought some new shoes this week. Impulse purchase. With fringe. And it reminded me how hard it was to shop for Gmamma. Especially shoes. So here’s a Facebook Flashback from about this time last year:

GEEZER UPDATE/WEEKEND EDITION: in which Gmamma gets a new pair of shoes. Friends, you will remember my ill-fated attempt to get Gmamma a new nightgown for Christmas. And you don’t even want to know what DooDaddy went through trying to mail order just the right style of granny panties …

So let me tell you about Gmamma’s feet (warning: graphic content). Picture, if you will, beautiful high arches and shapely ankles in spiky high heels and silk stockings. Now close your eyes and flash forward 70 years or so … add a couple of bunionectomies, hammertoes and some chronic arthritic inflammation. And you get painful, sensitive feet, like those of a retired geisha. Everything hurts. There is no relief. It’s like Cinderella in reverse. It’s not about fitting the right foot in the glass slipper, it’s about finding the right glass slipper to fit the foot.

There’s a brand called Nurture, that is soft and pliable and has an elastic strap on top – a geezer version of Mary Janes. Gmamma has one pair and has worn them to death in her thrice daily trips to the dining room. She pads softly and shuffles in slo mo down the carpeted halls, like Tim Conway’s classic codger routine on “The Carol Burnett Show.”

So Gmamma’s Mary Janes are shot. And, of course, I can’t find that style again. I came home with two different sizes of Merril Shoes in a similar style. On the cruise, my acupuncturist (Olga) swore by them AND there’s an adjustable strap on top. I even opened a Dillard’s charge account to take advantage of the 10 percent savings for the geezers.

She tried them both and dismissed them.

“I don’t like change,” she said, in her best Mikey-from-the-Life-Cereal-commercial voice. So I returned both pairs and found a Nurture ballet flat and an ECCO Shoes Mary Jane that is the bomb. I’d wear ’em. Comfort. Style (in a hair-under-the-arms earthy kinda way).

Well, DooDaddy, former shoe department manager that he is, got down as low as he could to check the toe room … And we left her alone, no pressure, to get used to the idea of new shoes (refer to “I hate change” comment above).

I last saw her yesterday, sitting in her wingback, adorned in her orange scarf (#GBO) wearing the ECCOs, the hint of a Mona Lisa smile on her lips.

Cross your fingers (and toes) that the shoe fits and Gmamma will wear it 😉


Hey Mikey, she likes ’em!