“Here’s the truth about big life changes:
Some people won’t come with you. And that’s okay.”

A lot has happened since last summer. I went dogsledding on Mendenhall Glacier in Juneau, Alaska and came home with a fresh perspective. Left my marriage, sold my house and took up condo life. None of this was easy or simple. Then my mother died suddenly after a silent but excruciating battle with cancer. Recently I bought another house and will begin my life anew in Magic Cottage #2.

Some things have remained constant: my precious son Mac and his dog Henry, Richard Parker, yoga and DooDaddy. Good friends with strong shoulders to cry on. Long walks. Floaty baths. Wine and chocolate. But Facebook recently served up a memory, from before my world tilted on its axis, so I thought I would share this GEEZER UPDATE from July 2015:

Sooo we’re on vacay at Tybee Island, dining at the chic shabby Sundae Cafe at Tybee. Can I just interject a YUMZ here? Anyhow, at the next table there’s a befuddled old gentleman with his daughter and son-in-law. He locks his high beams on me and is instantly smitten. Yup, I got a way with the geezers, y’all. He immediately strikes up a conversation with my husband, who politely but firmly shuts him down. It’s then that I notice the daughter is cutting his food up for him.

“My dad is 79 years old. He has Alzheimer’s,” she explains. “Sorry to bother you. My mom’s having a party, so we had to get him out of the house.”

Instantly, my heart is broken, so I let him talk to me. I listen to him. Banter with him. My husband is getting tense now. The daughter is embarrassed and asks for carryout boxes. Apparently, it’s like feeding the bears. You’re not supposed to do it. But how can I ignore his smiling face? His need to be acknowledged? To be seen. Heard. Understood. It’s the three-fold human hunger.

The daughter bustles him out, but not before he takes my hand, and we meet eyes and I give him all the warmth I can, because he could be DooDaddy. And I’ve seen that look before in my father’s eyes. Lost. Hopeful. Bewildered.

So if feeding the bears is wrong, I don’t wanna be right. ‪#‎geezerlove


Tybee Lighthouse Summer 2015